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Crows Zero (クローズZERO) (2007)

February 12, 2007 in Japanese

Crows Zero (クローズZERO) (2007)[ratings id="22102"]Action thriller Jap-flick set in modern days, displays a Suzuran Senior High's anecdotes. It is called "The school of Crows" and is recited in the whole country as the poorest achieving and most violent school in whole country. The students are crows and lives in factions. They fight each other to gain power and the goal of the Suzuran's high's every faction from the beginning of the school is Unification of the factions under one big umbrella. But, no group has achieved that status. Now, a transfer student, Genji Takiya (Shun Oguri) takes over the school, mentored by a yakuza and is about to face the rival called Tamao Serizawa (Takayuki Yamada).

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